Our Rendez-Vous

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It was the perfect place for our rendez-vous. The club was dark and smoky. The band played urban blues, down and dirty, slow and sultry. Sitting at a booth in the back, I watched and waited.

I knew it was you the moment you walked in. I had to catch my breath in anticipation of the night about to unfold. I loved watching your body as you slinked closer to me. Your outfit hugging the curves of your body. Hips swaying which each step. Arms slowly telegraphing the graceful move of each next step. You paused, looked around briefly and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I rose, and gestured to you.

I had thought we would start the night breaking the ice over a bottle of wine. I had already selected the one adequate cabernet in the place. But when I saw you standing there, in that smoked filled room, as lusty couples slowly moved to and fro with the raunchy blues, the wine was forgotten. This night we would drink vodka.

Sitting together, for the first time, we made nervous and polite small talk, disguising the raging arousal we were both feeling. The small talk grew more intimate. By the second round of vodka tonic and vodka cranberry, a confession: we were both really horny. By the third, courage enough to move together on the dance floor.

We never had to experience the awkward first steps of two people dancing together for the first time. The rhythm of the night consumed. We did begin too far apart, but not for long as our attraction pulled us close… very close. Your perfume added the final sensory thrill to our introduction. Our eyes met and locked. Our legs would meet and gently rub together. My hands soon held on to your swaying hips. Your breasts would lightly graze my chest. I remember how your smile turned into a sultry purse of your lips, and my arousal swelled. You pressed yourself against it, and I could tell, the game was now afoot.

The tempo picked up in the next song. The band grinded out the four/four beat with a loud sensuality accompanied aided by a raunchy horn section. You pushed back from me, and flashed me a wicked grin. The buzz of the vodka was filling both our minds. You spun around and backed your fine, fine ass against me, and pressed it against my hardness, wriggling it there, teasing me. Before I could embrace you, you spun around again, stepping back, and rubbing your hands on your thighs below the hem of your black skirt. It was then I noticed for the first time the garter belt holding up the sleek black stockings that dressed your shapely legs.

Watching you was maddening. You had such grace in your tormenting of me. As the dance continued, I noticed your nipples begin to stiffen beneath your blouse. Sweat began to form on my brow; my temperature was rising.

Again you stepped back from me, rubbing your hand along your thighs, raising the hemline higher and higher. Your bare thighs, so silky smooth, there for me to see for the first time, and now all I wanted was to see more and more of your marvelous skin. You danced closer to me, finally, but only to cup the swell of my crotch, before taking two steps back to continue your play.

Again you pressed your ass against me, and I leaned forward and managed to give your shoulder a quick and gentle bite and kiss, before you pulled away, shaking a scolding finger at me to the tempo of the song. The sultry smile returned to your face. You dropped a hand back to your thigh, as the other caressed your neck, and ran fingers through your hair. This time you your skirt lifted up so high, but only so that I (at least that’s what I thought) could see, as you dipped a finger into your panties, to let it dance momentarily at the top of your sex. This move stunned me, but before I could scarcely express my delight, you placed your finger in my mouth and let me taste your sweetness for the first time. I grabbed you and pulled your body tight against me, and we kissed for the first time. Our tongues continued the wild dance as our bodies slowly rocked to the rhythm of the waning song. It was time to leave.


The car ride to the hotel was quick. We didn’t speak a word. Instead, you cooed as I moved my hand between your thighs and slowly and gently rubbed my fingers over your panties. As we turned off the road into the hotel parking lot, your cooing had turned to soft moaning.

I helped you out of the car, and as you stood you backed me up against it and pulled my lips to yours. We each slipped a leg between the others thighs and began grinding our crotches against them. My hands slipped down your back and took hold of your supple ass. Kissing grew more passionate as we kissed each other’s neck, ears, throats, cheeks, eyes…

Your hand slid from my shoulder, down my chest and grabbed my rock hard cock. You found the fly of my pants and pulled it down, and freed me from my boxers, giving me a few gentle, loving strokes. I moaned my thanks. Before I knew what was going on, you crouched down before me and took me into your mouth. Your tight wet lips pressed together as you pushed your face over the head. My back arched in pleasure and my shoulders rested against the car. Your hand firmly, but not tightly, gripped my shaft and pumped slowly as your head began to bob back and forth, coating my penis with your saliva. Your hand was soon sliding easily over my tight skin as you continued to take more and more of me into your mouth.

Your hand left the shaft and I felt your lips slide further down on me than I had ever felt before. My cock was hot, and ready to burst. You gave my balls a gentle squeeze. Our eyes were locked as you continued to please me this way, and I noticed your hand working between your own legs, which pleased me that much more.

Then as suddenly as you started, you stopped, standing up and carefully putting me back into my drawers and zipping up my pants. You took your lipstick out of your pocket book and reapplied a slick coat to your wonderful lips. “Let’s go inside,” you whispered. What was I going to do, argue?

As we walked toward the revolving door of the hotel, I caught a glimpse of a couple sitting in a car not too far from where we had parked. They were in a good vantage point to have seen much of what we were up to. I couldn’t tell if they had, but a new excitement stirred within me. As we approached the front of the hotel, I glimpsed back to see the man, sitting in his seat with his head tilted back, mouth slack jawed. I couldn’t see the woman, but my guess was she was giving him head. This new excitement swelled.


We entered through the revolving door and made our way across the mostly empty lobby to the elevators. A car was waiting. We walked inside, and to my disappointment another woman entered with us. I pushed 14 for my floor, and the woman pushed 9. But we couldn’t make it passed 2 before our passion got the better of us. Soon we were entwined with each other again. I found a spot, just behind your earlobe which elicited from you a throaty moan. My eyes opened as you did, and I caught the stare of our unintended audience of one. She was enthralled by our antics and visibly moved. She was unconsciously moving her hand down the front of her breast, her nipples now fully erect under her blouse. The car suddenly stopped at nine, and broke her spell. She hesitated for a moment, then stepped out of the car. She paused and turned for one last look. You were stroking my erection through my pants, and you smiled at her and wished her a good night. The doors closed.

I pushed you back against the back wall of the car, a ran my hand up your thigh to your damp panties. The extent of your dampness surprised and delighted me. I slipped my thumb underneath, and moved it over your swollen wet lips. You moaned again, and our tongues once more played in each other’s mouths.

The fourteenth floor came upon us quickly, and we made our quick exit. The short walk down the hall to my room was exceedingly long. I opened the door and we walked in, leaving the lights off.

In anticipation that the night might bring us both back here, I had placed a few candles on the dresser. I lit them and turned to see you bathed in the soft candle light. My god, you were exquisit.

We moved toward each other slowly, the light of the candles adding a new element of romance to what was just moments before simple raw desire.

Our lips met again, tenderly this time. Our hands explored each other, softly this time. But it didn’t take long for the fires to be stoked within us again. Soon we were undressing each other. When I removed your blouse, I was immediately taken by the sight of your exposed soft skin. It glowed in the candle light, and I bent to kiss you between your breasts, as I slipped a hand behind you and unhooked your bra. Your breasts are magnificent, and I could not explain why you had not shown them off more. One less button would have delighted all onlookers as they caught a glimpse of those mounds, so perfectly shaped, so supple.

I knelt before you and took a nipple into my mouth as my hands slowly caressed your silk clad calves and thighs, then up to your bare skin and finally to your ass. Thong panties. How delightful.

I alternately kissed and sucked each of your breasts and nipples, then kissed my way down your stomach, playing with your navel. I unzipped you skirt and let if fall around your feet. I buried my face into your crotch and tasted you through your panties, breathing out hot air between your legs.

I turned you slightly and pushed you onto your back on the bed, holding your sexy legs, feeling the silk against my naked chest. I stood up, and carefully unhooked your garter. Then I threaded the straps through your panties, and expertly reattached them to the stockings. Then slowly I pulled your panties down.

In the light from the candles behind me, I could see how slick your excitement had made your sweet pussy. My heart beat strongly in my chest, and I could hear it pounding in my ears, as I knelt between you legs, coming face to face with your bare sex.

Your hand greeted the back of my head as my tongue made its first slow glide up between your lips, capturing your sweet nectar which coated my tongue. The taste was ambrosia, and I almost came right then myself. I lifted your legs and placed your feet, still clad in heeled pumps, onto my shoulders.

I licked and nibbled at your thighs, and brushed my face lightly over your hair, taking in your aroma. Teasing you with only occasional touches of tongue where you wanted it most. You tried to lure me in by spreading your lips with your hands, exposing your clit for easy licking. But I was not ready yet to please you that way. I didn’t want you to cum, not just yet. I wanted you to experience the heights of ecstasy. And that meant taking our time.

I traced the edges of your lips with the tip of my tongue. Sucking a lip into my mouth on occasion, just to hear your moans. I used the tip of my tongue to firmly trace the outside folds of your sweet sweet pussy. Over and over I would move my tongue gingerly around your puss, carefuly avoiding your clit and the entrance to your canal. Your hips would buck up in futile attempts to increase the pressure of my oral ministrations. But I moved my head up with your hips each time.

Finally, I parted your lips with the tip of my tongue, making an upward pass towards your clit. I almost skipped touching your clit, but I want to see how you’d react. Was this the right time to begin to send you over the edge?

Your body told me it was. As my tongue passed over your swollen bud, your body instantly twitched and writhed as you were stabbed by the sensation of pure pleasure. A moan, sounding almost like the word “yes” escaped your throat.

I licked up between your lips again. Another gently flick over your clit. Another wild reaction. Another moan. I licked my way up again. Another gentle flick. Your hips were now beyond your control. Moans left your mouth with every breath you let out.

Your hands return to splay your lips again. Your clit exposed most invitingly to me once again. Slowly I made circle around the tip of your clit with the tip of my tongue. Small circles, very slow circles and very very lightly. You return one hand to the back of my head and try to pull me closer. But I know that being patient helps build the intensity of your orgasm. I need this one to be special, for you and for me.

I know your pussy is craving more attention, so I bring my hands between your legs to assist me in pleasuring you. I poke my finger into your vagina. It’s so wet, and your hips instantly respond, and your pussy seems to actually swallow it into you. I did not expect to move into you so fast, but when your moans turned into sexual grunts of pleasure, how could I stop? I couldn’t.

Another finger joined the first. Sliding two fingers into your sopping hole was easy. And we soon found a “fucking” rhythm that pumped my fingers in and out of you as your hips bucked down and up against my had. I controlled the speed with the tip of my tongue, still playing with your clit in the same torturous way.

I didn’t know how you would react to this next move. But I thought I would try. I paused pleasing your clit, only for an instant in order to wet the fingers on my other hand with my saliva. Then my tongue returned to you.

I took the fore finger of my free hand and pressed the tip lightly into the pucker of your ass. Your moan gave me my answer. I left my finger where it was, letting the bucking of your hips slowly maneuver it inside you, until it was just passed a knuckle deep.

Now I was going out of my mind. My lips finally encircled your tender bud, and sucked on it, swirling my tongue around it as I did. Now we were like a machine. My sucking your clit seemed to guide your hips which helped me slide my pruning fingers in and out of your gushing hole as I wriggled another finger in your tight ass.

My head slowly bobbed up and down, and I could feel myself deviating from my own plan, picking up the tempo. To keep from loosing all control, I occasionally stopped to blow a stream of cool air over your steaming clit, or to flick it with the tip of my tongue again.

But control was fleeting, and soon I was pressing hard, with broad strokes with the flat of my tongue onto your clit. Your arms began to flail about you and your body began to writhe. Your hips began bucking faster and harder, and the pumping of my hand turned into fucking. I twisted my fingers around inside you as I fucked you faster and faster. I would stroke and massage up along the wall inside your hot pussy, and as I did your moans of “oh god” grew louder and louder.

Your legs were moving, grazing my back with the heels of your shoes. My own hips were bucking madly now, and I wanted to plunge myself into… but that would have to wait.

Your occasional moaning became one long moan. Then it turned into a scream as your body began to tremble and shake. Your legs began to twitch and your thighs closed around my head. Your climax was beginning, and I kept a soft yet firm and steady pressure on your clit as I sucked on it, trying to extend it, making it last as long as possible. I counted the seconds in my head. One, two “oh my god” three, four “ohhhh” five, six “oh god yes” I looked up to see your hands pinching and twisting your nipples. Seven, eight “yes, mmmmm, yessss” nine, ten “oh god, oh my god” eleven, twelve “mmmmm ohhhhh” thirteen, fourteen “ahhhhhh god, yessss” fifteen, sixteen… I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t want to turn the pleasure into discomfort or pain, so I slowly began easing off of you. I watched you for a few more moments as you continued to writhe and twitch, shaking your head back and forth, your arms stretched out over your head, and playing your hair. Then settling down, to just heavy breathing. And a big smile.

Our night is just beginning.