The Bath

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The bath was long awaited.

Lying back against my chest, between my legs, my arms wrapped around you, you slowly caught your breath from the orgasm you just had. The first of this evening’s. You know how I cannot wait to please you. It was an amazing feat of will power to hold back as long as I did.

Lying between my arms, your knees sticking up from beneath the bubbles, you lied back and let me touch you. Slowly, ever so slowly, and lightly, ever so lightly I made circles on your clit, as I kissed your neck, your ear, your shoulder. You told me how this touch reminded you of another time I touched you like this, while you were kneeling in front of me, leaning back against my chest.

But I was even slower and gentler this time. The circles on your clit were even smaller. Through the water I could feel your excitement making your clit slicker and easier to rub. There was no need to hurry, even though you asked me to apply just a little more pressure or move a little more quickly. But I didn’t.

I could sense your orgasm was approaching as your hips began to rise and fall slowly, but then a little faster. I wanted so much to increase the speed of my circles, or the pressure, to bring this orgasm on faster, but I kept to the rhythm and tempo that was already set.

Finally your body was consumed by your orgasm, and you reached your hands back and gripped the back of my head. My lips closed around your earlobe, and my free hand pinched and rolled the nipple of your left breast. I tried not to let your orgasm subside by continuing the circles on your clit.

Your orgasm seemed to come wave after wave. Your nails scratched against the back of head and neck as you kept cuming. Your head tilted back on my shoulder and I kissed your throat.

Then you started to laugh. You hadn’t done that before, but it seemed to signal that your orgasm was over. I kept touching you gently until I was sure it was. Then I wrapped my arms around you and held you close, letting my fingers gently move across your erect nipples.

The hot water and the cool wine, the soft stroking of my fingers across your nipples, the kisses and nibbles on your earlobes and your neck… something was making you a little dizzy. The bath was long awaited, and I hope it did not disappoint.

I got out first, allowing you to lie back and enjoy the afterglow in the warm water, sipping your Chardonnay as I prepared the rest of the evening’s plans.

I wasn’t gone too long.

I helped you out of the tub, and dried you off. First wrapping a big towel around you in a firm embraced that included a long lingering kiss. Then by slowly drying your legs, one at a time from ankles to thighs.

I escorted you to the bedroom, where a fragrant candle was burning near on the bureau. Soft jazz played from the radio. The room felt cool after the warm bath. To keep you warm for now, because I wasn’t going to be holding you for the moment, I helped you into my shirt. You looked so sexy in it, and I new that every time I wore this shirt in the future, I would be aroused, because of the image that burned into my mind.

I sat you on the bed, back against the headboard. I sat next to you. And kissed you. And ran my fingers through your hair.

I broke the kiss and turned toward the bureau. Sitting next to the candle in the ashtray was one of the items I carried from California to share with you this night. It was something I hadn’t had in a long time, and I was eagerly anticipating sharing it with you.

Slender but not thin, expertly rolled by yours truly (a skill I always thought was one of the more practical I took from college), and fragrant. It contained the finest ingredient, the kind that can only be procured in Northern California. I placed it to my lips, struck a match, lit the end, and took a long drag.

Turning back to you, I kissed you again, and slowly exhaled into you, somewhat surprising you as you were forced (but not against your will) to inhale the smoke from me. We broke the kiss and you exhaled, surprising yourself at how much you had taken in. And as you did, the marijuana began to take affect with familiar sensation behind your eyes.

I handed the joint over to you and as you took a drag, I kissed your neck and shoulder. Then you kissed me, exhaling into me and I accepted your smoke, as long as I could also taste it on your tongue as well.

You even make smoking a joint a most incredible sexual experience.

I took the joint and carefully put it out. I wanted us to get high, and not stoned. Two hits was enough for now.

The room was beginning to feel warm and comfortable again.

I pulled back the bedspread and invited you to stretch out. You did. Stretching and twisting and rolling, as your buzz helped you enjoy every movement you made.

I rolled you onto your tummy. I climbed over you, straddling your upper thighs, and you made some kind of silly joke that started you to giggle a little. This was the mood I hoped to set.

But the giggles didn’t last too long.

I started to grazed the tip of my fingers over your soft skin. From your neck to your ass, and all over your back. Along the side of your wasted and the sides of your breasts. When I was satisfied that I had sufficiently peppered your body with goosebumps, I stopped. You protested with a whiny moan.

You thought that I was just sitting on top of you, and you couldn’t understand why I had stopped touching you. “What are you doing,” you asked.

Then you started to feel little drops of something on your back. Lavender massage oil warmed in the palm of my hand was dripping onto you from between my cupped hands above you. When I thought I had enough on your back, I rubbed my hands together and brought them to your neck.

Firmly my hands rubbed your neck and shoulders. At first a little painful as a week or more of stress continued to disappear. From your neck I started to roll my hands on your back, down to your waste, then firmly rubbing back up to your shoulders. I worked on your neck, shoulders and back for several minutes until I was satisfied with the smile on your face.

I doubt that it was lost on you that your moans and the touch of your skin was arousing, as my hardness was lying between the cheeks of your ass. And as much as I needed your attention, I wasn’t finished with you.

I poured more oil into my hands and maneuvered myself between your legs. Spreading them a little as I kneeled between your calves. Have you ever had a butt massage?

I started on your left check, rubbing and kneading your supple flesh. Then the right side. Then both of them at the same time. The oil made your sweet ass shine in the candlelight.

From you ass I moved to your thighs. Inner, then back and then outer. I was worshipping your body as I had never done before. The candlelight helped me to make sure my hands covered ever inch, as it showed me where you were covered with oil, and where you still needed my attention.

Your calves. I love your calves. The curve and shape of them have always been an attraction for me. I massaged them down to your ankles.

You must have been very relaxed, because when I got to your feet you did not protest as I thought you might. So I took the opportunity to make sure your feet got the full treatment, rubbing my thumb into the bottom of each foot at places I know were sending delightful sensations through your body. I couldn’t resist, and I sucked on your toes, and even this made you moan.

I gently helped you to roll over. I poured more lavender oil into my hands and started working my way back up. Kneeling between your legs like this was driving me insane, and the pot was making me wilder with desire (it has that effect on me).

When I began massaging your thighs, I finally reached my breaking point and lowered my face to your pussy. It was glistening in the candlelight and I knew you were aroused too.

Your taste drives me wild, and I spent more time now tonguing the opening of your vagina than I have ever done. Your legs slid, lubricated by the oil, over my shoulder and closed around my back. My hands continued to massage your hips and waste as I tongued your pussy.

I sucked each of your lips firmly yet slowly into my mouth, listening to the erotic moans that doing so elicits from you. Then I firmly stroked my tongue around the outside of your labia, and up and above your clit.

I pulled your legs forward and positioned your feet on my shoulders which shifted your hips upward.

I positioned your clit beneath the underside of the tip of my tongue, and I wiggled it there for just a moment before I dragged my tongue down between your lips, to your perineum. I kissed you there, and sucked on that tender skin, causing your head to slowly move from side to side. Your hand slowly moved up and over your head, and you started to play with your hair. Seeing that made me smile.

From your perineum, my tongue continued to wander south, to your ass, and I tickled you there with gentle flicks of my tongue. This may have caught you a little off guard, because your body jerked a little. Or maybe the sensation was more intense for you than I anticipated. You let out a gasp and squeal followed by a long moan.

I played with you there for awhile, because you were obviously enjoying it. But I knew I couldn’t bring on your orgasm this way, and my tongue traveled northward again.

I encircled my lips around your clit, and you brought your hands down, putting some pressure just above your neatly trimmed tuft of hair. This popped your clit out a little more, making it easier for me to swirl my tongue around it.

I brought two fingers, crossed, to the entrance of your slick pussy, and I twisted them easily inside you. I turned my hand palm up, so I could rub the soft spot inside your pussy as I licked and sucked and flicked and swirled my tongue on your clit.

I reached out with my free hand and grabbed another bottle that I had brought, and managed to squeeze out of it some lube on to my fingertips. That hand then returned between your legs, and started to play again with the pucker of your ass.

I poked my fingertip inside your ass, and started to slowly pump it, pushing in slightly deeper each time.

I lifted my head for just a moment to utter “play with your nipples” which you immediately did. I love watching your fingers twist your nipples and squeeze your breasts. You have magnificent breasts. Perfectly shaped, with perfect sized areolas and tempting nipples.

By now I had my finger getting deeper into your ass, and your moaning was loud, and each moan was long.

I had to end this torture for both of us.

The pot makes it difficult for my brain to control different parts of my body at the same time, so as I began to concentrate on your clit with my tongue, my fingers stopped moving. I was almost up to the second knuckle of the finger that was playing with your bottom. And my fingers in your pussy were still touching that soft sensitive spot in your pussy. I knew that the rocking of your hips was to help you keep my fingers rubbing you there.

I sucked hard on your clit, and brought the flat of my tongue against it. As I did that you let out a long groan of pleasure. Your body was twisting and writhing. Your hips we bucking. A foot slipped of my shoulder and hugged my back forcing more of my body up closer to your crotch.

Then finally you exploded with an intense orgasm that was signaled by a squeal followed by a groan. My hand pulled out of your pulsating pussy to grab at a condom which I had already opened, and in one quick motion, I had it on.

I pulled my slowly out of your twitching ass and jumped up between your knees and entered your quivering pussy in one easy motion. Your orgasm was just dying down, when my cock slid in rubbing the shaft against your clit as I entered you.

My mouth quickly went to an erect nipple and I sucked and nibbled it as I my I lifted my body up and lowered it in firm thrusts. I couldn’t concentrate on a tempo, and instead of the gentle lovemaking I had envisioned for this night, I was fucking you with long hard strokes in and out of you.

Your legs moved up and you gripped my ass with your feet. You started to scratch your nails into my back, causing slight pain which to me was pleasure.

“Fuck me” you gasped. “Fuck me hard.”

I increased the tempo and force of my strokes. I was out of my mind with lust for you, consumed by my passion for you body and your sexuality.

“Yeah, fuck me… fuck me baby.”

I continued to this tempo and you raised your hips to meet my thrusts causing my balls slapped against your ass. You made the distance between our bodies disappear, conforming yours to mine. I wrapped my arms tight around you and you wrapped your tight around me. Our lips were locked and out tongues fucked each other’s mouths.

Your body signaled to me that we were to roll, and I obliged. Once on my back, you pulled up and my arms fell to my side. You grabbed my wrists and pinned them down by my shoulders and your body rose and fell on my cock continuing the same fast tempo.

Your back was arched and your head thrown back, your tits bouncing in front of my face, but not close enough for me to kiss.

My back was arching too, and I tried to time my hips to meet each of your thrusts.

I could see your eyes roll back into your head, but only between the moments when mine were rolling into the back of mine.

My body suddenly was seized by muscular contractions I had never experienced before, and cum ejaculated explosively from me. Even after I had shot my load, I continued to convulse inside you. My back stayed arched as my crotch twitched.

We were both bathed in sweat. You collapsed onto me, and we lay there breathless, with you nestled in my arms lying on my chest. I noticed your pussy convulsing on my cock as my erection slowly subsided within you. Did you cum too at that very moment?

I stoked your hair and kissed the top of your head.

“I’m totally in lust with you,” I confess. And you show your appreciation with a slow lingering kiss on my nipple.

But this night isn’t yet over. I still need to finish the massage I started, and I believe I still have your upper body to go.

I reach over to bureau and grab the joint. I light it and take another slow drag and you come up to my lips to kiss me. Instead of me blowing smoke into your lungs, this time you suck the smoke out of mine.

Now… about that massage, I believe I left off at your breasts. Shall I continue?