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What does 8 minutes of sex look like?


What does 8 minutes of sex look like? 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote ​An interesting chart is making its rounds around social media.  It seems a woman Redditor named “noveltysin​” wore her Fit Bit fitness tracker while having sex then shared the results to the forum r/dataisbeautiful.  Her results shows what happens to her heart during approximately eight minutes of vigorous sex – she and […]

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Golden State Warrior hooked up with Lisa Ann a ‘couple times’?


Rate this post It seems one of our favorite actresses is making good on a promise/fantasy: To any world-champion athlete, “after winning a title, a home-cooked meal is waiting for them at her house.” According to a story in the New York Post, the star coyly confessed on sports radio that she’s connected with a member of the NBA champions, Golden State Warriors. […]

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A Netflix for all your porn


Rate this post PornHub, the Netflix of free porn, is about to become the Netflix of premium porn, with a new $9.99/month subscription service that will give subscribers access to advertising-free, HD video from upgraded servers for better streaming. PornHub is even planning an new virtual reality porn channel.  What is virtual reality porn, you ask? Take a look:  

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