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What does 8 minutes of sex look like?


What does 8 minutes of sex look like? 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote ​An interesting chart is making its rounds around social media.  It seems a woman Redditor named “noveltysin​” wore her Fit Bit fitness tracker while having sex then shared the results to the forum r/dataisbeautiful.  Her results shows what happens to her heart during approximately eight minutes of vigorous sex – she and […]

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Golden State Warrior hooked up with Lisa Ann a ‘couple times’?


Rate this post It seems one of our favorite actresses is making good on a promise/fantasy: To any world-champion athlete, “after winning a title, a home-cooked meal is waiting for them at her house.” According to a story in the New York Post, the star coyly confessed on sports radio that she’s connected with a member of the NBA champions, Golden State Warriors. […]

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A Netflix for all your porn


Rate this post PornHub, the Netflix of free porn, is about to become the Netflix of premium porn, with a new $9.99/month subscription service that will give subscribers access to advertising-free, HD video from upgraded servers for better streaming. PornHub is even planning an new virtual reality porn channel.  What is virtual reality porn, you ask? Take a look:  

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National Orgasm Day – are you coming?


Rate this post Today is National Orgasm Day! What a great event for people to come together. This might be another case when “nation” is defined as “social media” instead of by borders. This holiday seems to be an international festival – and just guess what the traditional drink is? It may have originated in the UK, but wherever you live, July […]

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We’re number 1: Portland, Oregon is America’s “Strippiest” city!


Rate this post Get this: freedom of expression is a protected right under the Oregon constitution, including expressing one’s self in seductive nudity. That reason, perhaps combined with the ever-present need to do something when it’s raining, has made Oregon the “Strippiest” state in the union, and Portland the “Strippiest” city (in per-capita terms)! You can turn away from this article […]

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Top Grossing Porn Stars of All Time


Top Grossing Porn Stars of All Time 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes Long lives the debate of is there money to be made by acting in the Adult Film Industry…well, for most, minimal the industry can be saturated with young hopefuls looking to make some money in a fun way…but for some, that have the smarts to avoid the industry pitfalls, […]

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Prude Google’s rude reawakening


Rate this post Less than a week after Google said its blog network Blogger would ban “sexually explicit” and “graphic nude” images, the Internet giant did a reverse cowgirl. Google said it “a ton of feedback” from Blogger users after it announced a ban that was to take effect March 23. When it announced the ban on Monday, Google informed select bloggers that it […]

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The Oregon State beaver


Rate this post Portland Oregon’s KGW is reporting that police have cited Kendra Sunderland, a former Oregon State University, student for public indecency after she produced and posted a 17-minute solo porn video shot in a campus library. We can’t post the video here, but some enterprising person put some screen grabs on this YouTube video:  

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Pain in the back can be unwelcome pain in the ass


Rate this post What can be more sexy than biomechanical research using electromagnetic 3D-motion capture technology? If you have back pain, not a lot.  According to a new study published online last week in the European Spine Journal, (a follow-up to earlier research), scientists detail an intensive look at 10 heterosexual couples having sex in five different positions for 20 seconds at a time (which […]

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